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The most common insurance mistakes consumers make

Insurers have 3 legitimate reasons to reduce or reject claims

  • Underinsurance - the most common, where consumers try to save money by reducing the cover on their property
  • Incorrect valuations - where people do not establish the value of their household items properly.
  • Material non-disclosure of facts that would have influence the premium rating or the assumption of risk.

Be sure to avoid this and get regular insurance quotes.

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Cancelling your insurance is a false economy

South African consumers are not yet out of the woods when it comes to managing their debt. And the local economy is taking longer than expected to recoverĀ  from the turmoil in global financial systems.

And to crown it all, official employment statistics have revealed that retrenchments of workers in South Africa's private sector accelerated in the first quarter of this year.

In these difficult circumstances you should be looking to save money by getting cheaper insurance quotes.

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Building your life

For many people owning a motor vehicle is but a distant dream, while for others owning a car is simply taken for granted.

If you once owned a car and then no longer owned one, then a vehicle is beyond doubt a most cherished possession.

Are you covered? Do you have car insurance?

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Being unhappy can be very good for you

So many couples live together these days rather than or before getting married. Break-ups will occur before people find the one for them. And if you look at the divorce statistics, it seems that this is the norm rather than the exception.

Break-up and divorce can be pretty traumatic for all concerned.

However unhappy this occurrence is, we all need to start again and the sooner we pull ourselves together the sooner we will find happiness again.

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Being careful means being smart when you own a small business

Small businesses operate on very tight budgets and if anything major goes wrong it can quickly spell disaster and/or financial ruin for the business owner.

Small business owners normally commit their personal resources - time, effort and money, completely to their businesses and often regard their business assets such as stock or vehicles as their personal possessions.

Small business owners therefore tend not to draw a distinction between their possessions and the business possessions. But this is the problem! Especially when it comes to business insurance.

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Funeral insurance policies - Misunderstandings and mistakes

A recent article from the Ombudsman for Life Insurance has pointed out a number of misconceptions consumers have regarding funeral policies.

The number of complaints with regard to funeral insurance claims is growing.

Many consumers are disappointed in their funeral insurance provider at claim stage because they do not familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of their burial insurance policies.

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Gender discrimination unfair as a risk factor in car insurance contracts?

Recently the European Union Court of Justice ruled that it was!

European insurance companies will be seriously affected by the ruling and have been given until December 2012 to change the way premiums and risk are affected by the new ruling.

In South Africa short term insurance policy premiums are based on the risk profile of the insured and factors such as age and gender, amongst others, are used to determine the risk, especially with motor vehicle insurance.

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Business insurance - personal liability cover for directors and managers

The new South African Companies Act makes clear the fiduciary duties and responsibilities of company directors and managers.

It also exposes directors to statutory liability in their personal capacities from persons or class of persons who have suffered a loss due to the director contravening a section of the Act.

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Ever met a widow who said her late husband was over-insured?

Life insurance policies need to be updated regularly, especially as you head towards retirement.

Make sure all your personal liabilities are insured, along with your mortgage home loan. All your debts should be separately insured.

There are several critical questions you need to ask yourself every year:

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Life Insurance - don't make these mistakes

Whole of life insurance is still one of the most popular forms of life insurance choices today.

A competitive market ensures life insurance quotes with affordable premiums and high death benefits, providing coverage for such diverse needs as funeral expenses, medical bills, settling debts and obligations as well as maintaining the standard of living of dependents such as your spouse and your children.

Because life insurance is a major investment in your future, it is important to know all the facts about life insurance so you can make the best buying decision.

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